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THIMUN Singapore



The THIMUN Singapore conference is a five-day simulation of the United Nations for secondary school students, which takes place in the second half of November each year in Singapore. THIMUN Singapore was established in 2004 as a sister conference to THIMUN (The Hague Model United Nations) and is a part of the THIMUN Foundation. It has taken place since the very first conference in the prestigious Hwa Chong Institution, and students and staff from the school have supported the conference in many different roles. As well as the full range of committees, including the Human Rights Council and ECOSOC,  the conference has its own newspaper, Munity East.


Singapore has an ancient history as a key trading nation and meeting point for seafarers. The modern Republic of Singapore is a vibrant multi-cultural country with the city-island of Singapore at its centre, famous for its art and modern architecture, its food, and its cultural life. Its tourist facilities and good communications make it the ideal location for our THIMUN conference in the Far East.



Mission of the THIMUN Foundation



THIMUN Singapore is organized by the THIMUN Foundation, headquartered in The Hague, in the Netherlands.


The THIMUN mission is to promote and foster collaborative solution-oriented discussion to important issues by instilling life-long passion for improving our global community into today's youth, who will be tomorrow's leaders.


Attendants of THIMUN conferences aims to seek, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world: e.g. questions of human rights, protection of the environment, economic development, disarmament, the problems of youth and of refugees, as well as the more criticaln issues of war and peace. The young delegates, in seeking solutions to these problems, can learn to break away from narrow, national self-interest and develop true international cooperation.


The research and preparation required, the adoption of views and attutudes other than their own, the involvement and interaction with so many other young people from around the world, all combine to give the young people a deep insight into the world's problems, to make them aware of the causes of conflict between nations and to lead them to a better understanding of interests and motivation of others.


Thus the THIMUN Foundation, through its conferences and educational programs, attempts to fulfill the aims and goals set by the founders of the United Nations in the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations: "to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors".