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Practicalities and Forms


Click the links below to download practical information about THIMUN Singapore, as well as forms.


Forms Singapore 2016: 

Please note that the Registration Form (ONLINE FORM I) and the Participation form (ONLINE FORM II) are only available online in a secure environment (MUNIS). To log in please click here.


Student preparation

Please click here to find preparation guidelines, rules and procedures, sample resolutions etc. This link will take you to the THIMUN Foundation´s website.



Research Reports

 The Research reports for THIMUN Singapore are available now, please click on the links below.

General Assembly - GA 1

Combatting piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

International cooperation to stop the proceeds of drug trafficking being used to finance illegal organisations

Combating glorification of movements and ideologies that aim to destabilise democratic governments

Taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations

General Assembly - GA 2

Combating food insecurity in urban areas

Ensuring simultaneous urban growth and sustainable development in LEDCs

Sustainable tourism and sustainable development in South East Asia

Strengthening the role of transport and transit corridors in ensuring Sustainable Development 

General Assembly - GA 3

Measures to protect world heritage sites in areas of conflict

Promoting basic health care for all

Preventing terrorist groups from using the internet for propaganda purposes

Measures to end violence against women migrant workers

General Assembly - GA 4

The question of Hong Kong

Redefining the role of neighbouring countries in refugee crises

Measures to ensure political stability of Libyan territories

Strengthening actions with regard to population displacement in the Lake Chad region

General Assembly - GA 6

Promoting transparency and accountability amongst elected representatives

Ensuring transparent elections in post-conflict zones

Legal measures to reduce tax avoidance by transnational corporations (TNCs)

Strengthening the United Nations crime prevention and criminal justice programme, in particular its technical cooperation capacity


Security Council

The situation in the South China Sea

The situation in Lybia

The situation in Yemen

The question of non-proliferation in the DPRK



The question of the pink tax

Reducing the risks to food security caused by the El Niño phenomenon

Closing/reducing the poverty gap between the indigenous and non-indigenous parts of population

Combating rising social inequality: social inclusion as an aspect of sustainability

Measures to support good governance in rapidly growing magacities

Promoting coherence between socio-economic polocies and humanitarian action


Human Rights Council (HRC)

Measures to protect religious diversity in the MIddle East

Respecting fundamental freedoms whilst countering terrorism

Maintaining the freedom of press and guaranteeing the safety of journalists

The question of human rights and the administration of juvenile justice

The question of torture during police custody and pre-trial detention

Measures to protect the right of people with disabilities to work