Conference fees

Delegation fee per school delegation € 100.00
Participation fee per person
for MUN-Directors / Delegates including Press delegates, ICJ, APQCA members, Student Officers and Chaperones
€ 140.00
Changes to Form II
after 14th October 2016 per ID Badge changed, or Replacement ID badge after registration at conference (cash payment)
€ 20.00


Financial Statement

By submitting the Online Registration Form (FORM I) the MUN-Director acknowledges that he/she has read the conditions concerning the fees and cancellation costs and that he/she agrees that the school is obliged to pay in full for the number of students and teachers forecast to attend. A final statement of numbers and names of participants is required on the online FORM II by 14th October 2016.



Deadlines and Cancellations

Changes / Substitutions

After 14th October 2016, substitutions for students unable to attend will only be permitted upon payment of an administrative charge. All changes and substitutions have to be sent to the THIMUN Hague office in writing or by email. The cost of a badge change is € 20.00 per badge changed.



The following cancellation fees apply:

After 7th June 2016: 100% of Delegation Pre-payment is due

After 14th October 2016: 100% of all fees/charges are due

Note that these fees are due at this time whether or not a school, or an individual participant, for whatever reason, actually attends. It is strongly recommended that schools take out adequate cancellation, travel and medical insurance. THIMUN is not responsible for costs incurred by individual schools or participants in any of these areas.




Delegation Pre-payment

By 7th June 2016 at the latest, a non-refundable delegation pre-payment of € 940.00 (Based on School Delegation fee + 5 Students and 1 MUN-Director) must be transferred to one of the THIMUN Singapore bank accounts.



The remainder of the fees must be transferred as soon as the final numbers are known. Your Statement of Account/invoice can be found when you log into the MUNIS Online Registration System. MUN-Directors are expected to bring evidence of payment with them to registration at the conference.


Payment Methods

Payments must be made in Euro to our ABN Amro account or to our DBS account. Please use the exchange rate given by your bank on the day of transfer, net of all bank charges.


Bank Transfer

Please clearly indicate the name of the school and the conference. If possible, the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the International Bank Code (BIC) should be used to avoid unnecessary delays and charges.


Kneuterdijk 8, The Hague

Account name: Stichting The Hague International Model United Nations
Account Number:
IBAN: NL22ABNA0484279939

DBS Bank – Development Bank of Singapore
Account Name: The Hague International Model United Nations LTD
Account Number: 022-900798-4
Institution Code: 7171, Branch 022


 Bank Charges

Schools are responsible for the payment of all bank charges related to the processing of cheques and payment of the fees. To avoid or minimize such charges, schools should instruct their bank to transfer the money, net of bank charges, directly by bank giro transfer into one of the THIMUN Singapore accounts. Charges are specifically high on processing cheques not made out in Euro.