THIMUN Singapore 2016 Agenda


GA1 (Disarmament and International Security)

  • Combating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea
  • International cooperation to stop the proceeds of drug trafficking being used to finance illegal organisations
  • Combating glorification of movements and ideologies that aim to destabilise democratic governments
  • Taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations

GA2  (Economic and financial)

  • Combating food insecurity in urban areas
  • Ensuring simultaneous urban growth and sustainable development in LEDCs
  • Sustainable tourism and sustainable development in South East Asia
  • Strengthening the role of transport and transit corridors in ensuring Sustainable Development

GA3  (Social, humanitarian and Cultural)

  • Measures to protect world heritage sites in areas of conflict
  • Promoting basic healthcare for all
  • Preventing terrorist groups from using the Internet for propaganda purposes
  • Measures to end violence against women migrant workers

GA4 (Special Political and Decolonisation)

  • The question of Hong Kong
  • Redefining the role of neighbouring countries in refugee crises
  • Measures to ensure political stability of Libyan territories
  • Strengthening actions with regard to population displacement in the Lake Chad region

GA6 (Legal)

  • Promoting transparency and accountability amongst elected representatives
  • Ensuring transparent elections in post-conflict zones
  • Legal measures to reduce tax avoidance by transnational corporations (TNCs)
  • Strengthening the United Nations crime prevention and criminal justice programme, in particular its technical cooperation capacity



  • The situation in the South China Sea
  • The situation in Libya
  • The situation in Yemen
  • The question of non-proliferation in the DPRK



  • The question of the pink tax
  • Reducing the risks to food security caused by the El Niño phenomenon
  • Closing/reducing the poverty gap between the indigenous and non-indigenous parts of population
  • Combating rising social inequality: social inclusion as an aspect of sustainability
  • Measures to support good governance in rapidly growing megacities
  • Promoting coherence between socio-economic policies and humanitarian action



  • Measures to protect religious diversity in the Middle East
  • Respecting fundamental freedoms whilst countering terrorism
  • Maintaining the freedom of press and guaranteeing the safety of journalists
  • The question of human rights and the administration of juvenile justice
  • The question of torture during police custody and pre-trial detention
  • Measures to protect the right of people with disabilities to work



  •  Ecuador vs. Colombia
  •  Somalia vs. Kenya



  • Question of good governance in Central Asia
  • Question of recruitment of people from Central Asia by terrorist Islamic groups
  • Question of the economic development of the Central Asian countries
  • Question of water pressures in Central Asia (including rivers and Aral Sea)