Participation in THIMUN Singapore is upon invitation only. All schools that have participated in last years' THIMUN Singapore conference will receive an unconditional invitation in May.

New schools that are interested in participating in THIMUN Singapore will have to follow an application procedure, which means that new schools will have to send us a number of documents (by email, or to the address below):

- a letter of intent, on school letterhead and signed by the principal or MUN-Director
- general information on the school
- specific information on the MUN club
- a list of international MUN-conferences attended by the school (especially the conferences that follow the THIMUN Rules of procedure!)

Please send us the requested documents before the end of May for participation in THIMUN Singapore. Your application will be handed to the THIMUN Board of Directors who will then make the choice of which new school(s) will join us for the next conference. Please note that we do have a waiting list for new schools for the THIMUN Singapore conference. Participation in the next THIMUN Singapore conference cannot be guaranteed.

Please send your application by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to:



THIMUN Foundation

2e Van Blankenburgstraat 119


2517 HC The Hague