The Student Officer team consists of the Executive Committee together with the Deputy Presidents, Committee Chairs and Deputies in the various forums. All Student Officers must be thoroughly conversant with Parliamentary Procedure and particularly with the current THIMUN Rules of Procedure. They must have a good knowledge of current affairs as well as of the issues on the agenda. They will be required to write a research report and must be prepared to be actively involved in the lobbying process, coordinating the work of their respective Council or Committee throughout the week.


In their letter of application candidates should state which position and which forum(s) they are particularly interested in. When applying for positions as Student Officers they must be aware that they are expected to attend the mandatory workshop (09:00 – 17:00) on Monday 21st November 2016 at the Hwa Chong Institution. Please note that students in their final year at secondary school who have not previously chaired at THIMUN or at a THIMUN-Affiliated conference are unlikely to be selected.


For the general rules and procedures regarding individual applications, please see this page.



Executive Committee


The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretaries General
  • President of the General Assembly
  • President of the Security Council
  • President of ECOSOC
  • President of the International Court of Justice
  • President of the Advisory Panel
  • President of Human Rights Council


Deputy Presidents and Committee Chairs


The Deputy Presidents will assist the President in lobbying and in the plenary sessions. The Committee Chairs will each preside over one of the five GA Committees when they are in session. Most of these positions are expected to be filled by those who have already held a position at THIMUN or a THIMUN-Affiliated conference as Deputy President or Deputy Chair.



Deputy Chairs


In general, Deputy Chairs are appointed in order to provide an opportunity for younger students to gain experience. It is hoped that such students will prove themselves capable and will be available to serve again at the subsequent session of THIMUN. Thus preference will be given to students able to attend in 2016 as well as in 2017.